Working Class Hero

The hammers have fallen, the workers have gone – never to return and the years and seasons pass by. Like a vault, a time capsule, it is sealed off and slowly forgotten. Dust gathers day by day, until finally each motionless item is covered in a light shade of brown. Time stands still here, the clocks have seized up, the industrial noise has vanished and the mood, no matter what the weather, is cold and desolate.

Items that were once the backbone of transportation around the state, have retired. No longer needed, required or cared for. Working class heroes; all of them. Admired when they were needed – forgotten now that they are not.

Being a railway enthusiast I have known about this place for years and years, however on Monday 1st March 2010 I found myself walking through here suddenly thinking that one day it might not exist any more.

I am very much an old world person with a deep appreciation for this period in time. It truly amazes me and I constantly wish that I had been able to experience places such as this one when they were alive and in their prime. So, a few days later I went back to capture the scene.

My aim was to capture the scene as a whole. I really wanted to see the roof detail, the depth and the clutter of items on the floor. I also wanted to highlight the size of this location, and even though this is only a small part of it all, I still think I have achieved what I set out to do.

For those of you who are railway buffs, the locomotive on the left is a Victorian Railways K Class 2-8-0, K151. The other loco is a Victorian Railways D3 Class 4-6-0, D3 677. The carriage is a BW.

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