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About Jonathan

Since 2008 Jonathan Newton has been a professional photographer, working in and around Melbourne, Australia. What you will see on this website is the culmination of his life long  passion of railways and his love of photography, his own signature as such – which makes him different to most photographers who capture landscapes.

A predominantly self taught photographer, he had great success with his first Vistavision ‘Breaking the Silence‘ which has since been reproduced in several books, magazines and information boards as well as being sold in both print and poster form. The story of how this photograph came about is featured below.

As you look at the images on this site you will notice that each photograph has its own unique title and a short story or descriptive paragraph to go along with it. Jonathan’s aim is for you to live the same thoughts, feelings and emotions that he experienced while capturing these images.

Where it all Started

In April 2005 Jonathan lived in an area near the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges, in Victoria, Australia. One very wet and cold morning he looked towards the hills and noticed that they were covered by low cloud and fog. Jonathan had always had an interest in photography and after noticing a Ken Duncan print on his brothers’ wall he was inspired to have a go at something similar himself. Having a great love for the Dandenong Ranges, and the inclimate weather too, he borrowed his fathers humble digital SLR and made his way up the mountain.

Being a volunteer of the Puffing Billy Railway, and knowing how ethereal smoke and steam look in the wet and cold weather, he decided to follow the morning train. Several locations were visited between Belgrave and Menzies Creek until the perfect one was found. By this time the light rain had picked up and was getting rather heavy, and the mist and fog was still rather thick. Nonetheless, he braved the elements and waited for the train.

When the train came into sight, he snapped away. Within seconds the train was gone, the shots had been taken and as the rain was getting heavier by the minute, a rather wet photographer returned home. The result is below

When the photographs were uploaded onto the computer and looked over, it was decided to crop them to a wide panoramic format. The result was amazing, bringing the image to life and since then Jonathan has been developing his skills to capture, in all its glory, the balance between the man-made industrial wonder of the railways, and Mother Nature. In this modern world we often look for fanciful ways to excite ourselves, all the while missing the beauty of what lies before us.

“Thanks must go to a very special person who believed in me all along, right from the day that first photograph was taken. I will never forget you.”Jonathan Newton